Mitchells’ Welcomes The Year Of The Ox

0901 CNY1_0Like most businesses across China, on January 16 the Mitchells’ team welcomed the coming of the 2009 Chinese New Year. However, Mitchells had something else to celebrate this year, their 10th year of operation in Hebei, China.

Joining directors Michael Mittasch and Eytan Uliel to mark this fabulous milestone, were all the Mitchell’s staff and their families, many of our long-term suppliers and some local government officials. Guests representing SEW, Festo, the Bank of China and our various steel suppliers were also in attendance.

Guests enjoyed an expansive banquet of traditional dishes usually served during the New Year Festival. Also in usual Chinese style, glasses clinking in cheers could be heard throughout the dining hall while the performances arranged and performed by various members of staff continued on.

Celebrations also allowed time for remembering those influenced by the earthquake in Sichuan last year, with an extra bonus given to workshop staff whose families were directly affected.