Expansions Scheduled For Mars Birdcare Australia

Negotiations with Mars Petcare in Australia have finally concluded with the official paperwork signed and sealed just before the end of 2008. The project set to take place in Brisbane, is to fit a substantial amount of new equipment to Mars’ birdseed blending plant in Wacol. Mars flagged the Wacol facility for an upgrade after reviews noted the deterioration of the current silos. While the whole facility will be upgraded to some extent, the main focus will be on plant intake, storage and batching.

Negotiations with the pet care multinational were quite extensive due to the nature of the project. Dimensions and capacities needed to be triple checked due to the integration of old and new equipment. The installation of the first equipment package is expected to take place start of February 2009 and the second package some time in April/May.

This is not the first time Mitchells has worked with Mars Australia. With equipment not only going to Wacol previously, but also going to the pet care facility in Bathurst, we look forward to even more successful collaborations with Mars Australia and Mars International.