Ultramax Drag Conveyors

  • Sizes: 225mm to 450mm. Capacity: Up to 300MT/hr.
  • Capacities are based on material density of 400kg/m3 (25lb/ft3) and 721kg/m3 (45lb/ft3).
  • No carryover of free flowing dry product when used to fill multiple bin systems and when operated in the ultra clean mode.
  • Superior capacity when used at maximum fill capability.
  • Heavy duty, totally enclosed take up units ensure that the chain stays tight.
  • Direct drive, chain drive, “V” belt drive systems are available.
  • Component manufacturing provides for quick assembly and future extensions.
  • Round top cover provides excellent weather protection and minimum dust build up.
  • Drop gate discharge provides an opening with no paddle carryover bars.
  • Adjustable control plate at the inlet provides for ultra clean operation (below the chain) or maximum capacity (above the chain).
  • Heavy duty construction, mild steel, galvanized or stainless steel fabrication.


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