BANGLADESH……..a country loved for its lush green landscape and numerous waterways, but 15 miles to the east of the capital, Dhaka, is the City Group Economic Zone, which boasts significant manufacturing industries such as water bottling, pharmaceuticals and packaged food. The zone was founded in 1972 and is part of Bangladesh’s successful effort to increase economic wealth in the country.

In May this year, two members of Guttridge’s engineering team made the long flight to assist their Mitchell’s colleagues in a dry run commissioning of equipment for an oil seed crushing plant.
This was the companies’ first collaboration since the buy-out of Guttridge by Mitchells Group in April 2019.

The area is very much East meets West, there are makeshift bamboo scaffolds, held together with ropes, sitting incongruously around the bright blue and yellow modern-day structures. Below the huge silos is the Shitalakshya River, filled with boats and barges transporting goods to and from the city and beyond this, surprisingly close, lie rice fields and shanty towns.
The purpose of the visit was to ensure a successful dry run of the machinery that Mitchells had provided and the team at City Group had installed. The visit that was planned for 4 days only took 2, due to the efficient installation work by City Group engineers. There is no shortage of manpower in the area as over one third of Dhaka’s hard-working population are employed here and take immense pride in their work.

The commissioning consisted, in part, of a dry run start up, alignment/tensioning checks and ensuring that there are no unexpected noises coming from pumps and gear boxes.
The huge elevator heads, enormous chutes and conveyors fill the building on an industrial scale, so it was a great outcome to successfully commission the equipment with only on-site fixes required and all issues being rectified during the visit.

Our engineers were generously hosted by City Group in their on-site guest house, with opportunities to see the local town and enjoy traditional Bangladeshi cuisine.
A successful outcome to the two day trip ensures that Mitchells and Guttridge maintain their quality of service, showing just how easy it is for us to keep your materials moving world-wide.

The Mitchells and Guttridge teams enjoying some down time in Bangladesh, following successful commissioning of Mitchells conveying equipment into The City Group Economic Zone in Bangladesh

L to R: Mr Tan, Andrew Haddow, Jake Hutson and Simon Hooper